Work has started to refurbish a late 19th century stone Cotswold cottage, adding modern materials and tech that will future proof it for another 50 years

The Cotswolds is a haven 2 hours from north London. In 2022, we found an unlisted stone cottage, originally built as a terrace of farmers’ cottages. In the 1970s someone bought them and turned it into one house, demolishing the original two staircases and rebuilding the interior in a mid-century English cottage style.

Imagine, open plan, fake Cotswold stone, bright green linoleum floor tiles and a concrete block in-fill side extension.

Hillside cottage

The house in its current form has contributed 50 years worth of happy service to its’ residents but is now pretty worn out. Time for a refit…

The in-fill side extension – concrete tiles and blocks are now part of the architectural story